Traffic Counts & Drive-Time Demographics

The Village of Pontoon Beach is well suited for any combination of development, but retail-types would particularly see an advantage in the area. The following data sets indicate a population with a high amount of purchasing power and represent a strong retail opportunity gap.

Traffic Counts

The Village of Pontoon Beach, located at the exchange of two major interstate systems sees a high number of car and truck traffic. As seen in the map to the right, Interstate 270 has an annual daily traffic count of approximately 55,200, while the Interstate exchange at 255 has an average annual daily count of 40,700 car and large truck traffic. It is also worth noting that State Route 111 sees an annual daily traffic count of approximately 14,200, which travels down the length of the Village's primary commercially zoned sector.


Drive-Time Demographics Table

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Traffic Counts Map
The table above shows the Radius Demographics in terms of miles, while the Drive-Time Demographics are shown in terms of minutes. Included in the table is the Population and drive-time Average Household Income for various ranges. Both the drive-time and the mile radius demographic figures indicate high average household incomes in the area. The table also highlights the retail sales in the area. As the tables show, there is a huge opportunity in the Village for new restaurants, as well as a great opportunity for both small convenient stores and major retail outlets.